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Marriage : 'Not' made in heaven | Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Episode 4 : Arranged Love

Marriage Uncertainty Parents. Probably the only set of person who love us unconditionally through-out out live. From the very moment we are conceived, till their last day on earth - they do their best to keep us happy, fulfill all our desires. But there comes a time when they deny us the one thing that we desire the most, more than everything else in our entire life combined. Our life-partner, our soul-mate. The person with whom we'll spend all our life. We get to chose our toys, school-bags, friends, course, career; everything. But the most important decision of our life that'll shape it, is not allowed to be taken by us. Parents are the sole decision maker here. All our growing-up days we are told to stay away from strangers, that 'stranger is danger'. And when the time comes, we are supposed to marry a total stranger whom we've never met before, whom we don't even know properly, whom we DON't LOVE and still spend the rest of our life with him / her - 'happily ever after'. How crazy and inappropriate this is. I just don't understand why can't parents be happy for their grown-up son / daughter when they find their soul mates themselves? Apparently, parents think it's their right to choose the proper partner for their offspring, that they are very naive nd are not able to judge people. But can they guarantee a 100% success rate for arranged marriage? So, why this tough stance against love marriage? Sad thing is, in most of the cases, we succumb to this parental pressure and accept what parents choose for us. We think that's the least we can do to repay the love n care they've shown us all these days. But is it really worth it? We are ruining rest of our life.

[ Continued in Full Post ]

We are supposed to marry a total stranger and still spend the rest of our life with him / her - 'happily ever after'.

Well, that's the general scene in India; where love marriage is still a taboo. We [me n my love] decided to take the plunge. When our love was rejected by parents even after lots of cajoling, praying, crying - we decided to elope. Thankfully, we weren't totally alone. We found a friend [F] in her cousin who supported us secretly. After she was virtually locked up in her room, F came to her rescue. F contacted me and told me all that was going on at the house. There was a chance of she being forcibly married off in a hurry. So, we had to think fast n clear. We devised a plan and acted on it. F helped her escape the house, not at mid of night, but broad daylight. That was pretty brave and brilliant. I still get goose bumps thinking 'Wow, we pulled that one off'. We met at the park again. F brought her to me, placed her hand in mine and said "Now she's yours. Take care of her. Don't ever make me regret what I just did". I hugged F instantly and assured that I won't let anything bad happen to her. F took off saying it's better if she doesn't know where n how we're escaping now on. Now it was just me and her, holding hands in the crowd, looking deep into each others eyes. There was lot of expectations, joy, excitement in those eyes. But more than anything, there was a hint of tear in the corner of her eyes. She was sad 'coz of the way she had to leave home n family. I felt sorry for her 'coz she had to do this for me. I gave her hug, kissed her forehead and whispered in her ear - "Everything will be ok. U sure U want to spend the rest of your life with me?". My heart skipped a bit when she quietly freed herself from my embrace and turned away. Ohhh, to pick up her bag. Then she faced me again, looked me in the eye and said "shall we begin the rest of OUR life?".

I felt like I had never felt before. I was overwhelmed with all kinds of emotions. Now she was my responsibility, most precious part of my life. I'll guard this angel from all the evil of this world, care for her, love her, pamper her n always keep her happy. She'll have my babies some day, we'll be proud parents ourselves. "Shall Weee...?" Ohh, she was reading my thoughts.

Me  : Let's go.
She : Helloooo ..... Mr. Hubby to be .... am I supposed to carry my bag myself? :p
Me  : oooopss. [after taking the bag] Just the bag? I can sweep u off your feet and carry you as well in my arms.
She : Ohh yeah...?? Lemme see you try that.

As I made a move to hold her, she blushed away. "Have u gone crazy..!! Do that when we're alone at your home. Now let's move" And thus began the 'Rest of our life'.

Couple Silhouette

[ To Be Continued ... ]

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