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Sho and her joyful family..!! | Friday, January 02, 2009

Sho is a blessed woman. She married the love of her life. She has an extremely loving and caring husband (Vic) and two very sweet babies; baby boy (Tutu) is 5 yrs old and baby girl (Tweetu) is 3 yrs old. The real names of the kids are not mentioned ‘coz their papa dearest don’t want them to be stolen! The sweetest part is that Vic had decided the names of the babies when he was a kid himself, when he was in standard 5! Isn’t that sweet??

Before Sho conceived her two children, she was told that she might die during her pregnancy or after the child birth! She‘d always ask Vic, “would you get married again if I die”? He’d literally shout at her, are you mad? You cannot die like that…what I will do without you! But she‘d again ask him, what if she dies! These words would make Vic very sad and he’d almost cry. He’d always tell her, I’ll bring up our babies really well make them successful individuals and will always tell them our stories. Those words would make her content.

[ Continued in Full Post ]

Well, the 2 kids are born and Sho is perfectly in good health. Theirs is one happy family. They have 2 teams in their family. One consists of Sho & Tutu and the other is of Vic & Tweetu. Both Sho & Vic loved both their children a lot but for Vic, Tweetu is his life, his little angel, his little princess. And, this little princess is no less. She’d follow her papa all around the house and cry on top of her voice until he takes her in his arms.

Tweetu is only 3 yrs old. But, daddy dearest is so worried about her that he doesn’t let even a small little boy to come anywhere around her! “ladke toh bachpan se hi kamine hote hain,pata he, sho! Kamino ko meri angel ke aas paas bhi nahi aane dunga"! Huh! Now this is too much!

Sho- fir tum mere paas kyun aaye?

Vic-‘coz I love you.

Sho-tweetu ko bhi to koi love karega naa?

Vic-nope! I don’t trust anyone.

Sho-come on now..anyways,she is too small.

Vic-but still, I’ll always be with her!

Sho-in that case ,tumhe mere paas bhi nahi aana tha.

Vic -tumhari baat alag he…tweetu meri daughter he. My angel.

Sho-yeah right! main toh upar se tapki hun, I’m no one’s daughter…

Vic- whatever. I don’t know anything!

This is how they always fight. Every night Vic takes his little angel in his arms, sings her a song and roam around in the whole house until she is asleep. Spoilt girl ,huh! Tutu is such a sweet child , he never harasses Sho…he just quietly goes off to sleep.

Life is still very much same for Vic and Sho. Every night he’d take her in his arms, hug her tight and give her hundreds of passionate kisses. He loves to run his fingers through her hair.. smell her and cuddle her. They’d so passionately look into each other eyes and make amazing love like the very first time. She considers her self so so lucky to have found a soul mate like Vic. She’d rest her head on his chest and only then go off to sleep.

Vic’s b’day was coming up and Sho had started making preparations a month before his b’day. She wants his b’day to be the most memorable and special one ever! But, something was wrong somewhere! Vic wasn’t looking very much interested in her and their kids like before! Or rather she thought so! She had come to know that he had some other woman in his life..and he was very happy with her! All this hurt her very badly. Every time she’d confront him , he’d flatly deny.

She tried everything but no avail. She could see her family ruining right in front of her eyes but was helpless! She decided to leave him, not “dump” him or something but to let him go to someone he loved and with whom he‘d be happy all his life. Sho always loved him, loves him and will always love him. But, may be he never loved her that much.

Sho is still alive, not dead but Vic is gone for ever…leaving her amid the journey of life. It’s sleeping time for Tweetu….she is crying but her papa is not there to take her in his arms…your little angel is crying, Vic…

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