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His first date with Angel | Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It was his first official date. He was 24, yet he hasn't taken a girl out, ever. So he was pretty much excited; and nervous as well. On top of that it was sort of a blind date. They had found each other on a website and been in a relationship for past 5 months. In this time, they had seen only 1 pic of each. And they were going to meet now for the first time. It was not like taking the relationship a step ahead, as they were already very much committed to each other. But yeah, it was definitely going to be a milestone. Their 1st meeting, 1st eye contact, 1st touch, and if everything goes well, 1st kiss - this meet was definitely important. He wanted it to be perfect. 'God, will she think I'm good enough....!'

He was sitting in the restaurant, crossed legged, impatiently waiting for her. Every now and then he was looking out the window to see if she's coming. He was fidgeting with his laptop, opening and closing random windows, just to distract himself. All the wait was driving him more nervous. He dove into his 'Office OneNote' where he used to save his chats with her. He was going through a particular chat script when the restaurant gates opened and ...

SHE walked in. Straight out of the picture he has seen of her. Gorgeous. He heard violins playing in the background. They both exchanged a smile. 'Shit!'. He never liked his own smile and whenever he saw himself in mirror grinning - he found himself looking stupid. 'There goes my first impression... Stupid'. He withdrew his gaze and quickly minimized all the open windows on his laptop. 'How should I welcome her...?? Should I hug her? That might be too much in 1st meeting! Air hug? Aaahhhhhhh......, whaa(t)....'. She sat in the couch in front of his, facing him. Well, to start with - both were feeling shy shy and were giggling. But he couldn't meet her gaze. He was more shy than her. :D After a while, he gathered up some courage and looked her in the eyes. And he was bowled over.

[ Continued in Full Post ]

Those sparkling eyes did wonders. He got lost for an instant and couldn't pay hid to anything else happening around him. The pool of her eyes, brimming with joy and the glitter of love in those eyes, that he knew were for him. He had only heard the term 'Jheel si Ankhe' till then and thought of this term as mad poet's thingy. But now it was his turn to actually drown in one such pair. He kept looking at her eyes, spell-bound. He could see his own image in the mirror of her eyes. 'Wow. She's looking at me with those eyes'. :)

He broke out of the spell when she poked his hand and asked him to show her his laptop. He promptly stood up in reflex and sat next to her on the same couch. Suddenly his heartbeats doubled. She was sooooo close to him. He badly craved to take her in his arms. Prior to coming here, over the phone they had talked about how they'll hug n all. But, now that they were in close proximity, they both were shying away. Anyway, 'at least I can hold her by shoulder...'. 'Yawning trick' came into his mind but he found it too lame. 'No need to pretend anything. Be little brave'. He lifted his left hand and............ kept it on the top edge of the backrest. Thus he thought of it as having her in his arms. If she'd just lean on his chest, just a little bit; and if he curves his left hand a bit, he'll be embracing her. That moment he felt on top of the world.

He looked at her face. Her cheeks looked butter smooth and there was this glow which he couldn't ignore. He sooo wanted to caress her cheeks, rub his cheeks on her's, pull her cheeks et al. But .. ahem. She was beaming. The broad smile on her face made everything look beautiful. And again, the twinkle in her eyes were gripping him like fever. His eyes were roaming all over her face. That cute nose, awwwww. He felt like poking it with his own nose tip. 'But that nose will come in between when we kiss'. His gaze moved to her lips. She was saying something but he couldn't hear a word. He had lost his senses. Those chocolate lips were soooo mesmerizing, he kept looking at them with his mouth open. Her slightly glossed lips were looking sooo inviting. On top of that, few water drops from her last water sip were glittering like dewdrops on her lips and giving it a tempting 'wet rose petal' look. He wanted to lean in and kiss her softly on those rose petals and drink each water droplet one by one. He literally felt hypnotized and drawn towards her delicious lips.

Suddenly she stopped talking and stared at him. He felt embarrassed for a moment. But then she let out a chuckle and turning her face away, started checking her make-up in her hand mirror. He still felt drawn towards her mirror. Her long flowing hairs crashed on his shoulder, caressing his cheeks. He slowly ran his right palm n fingers over her hairs. Smoothness of her hairs weren't even an iota less than what she had claimed earlier. As his fingers ploughed through her hair, it felt like silk threads. The slow dance of her hairs on his shoulder felt like a cool breeze from a waterfall. He buried his nose in her hairs and smelled them. He couldn't compare it with the smell of any flower as what he smelt was out of this world. He was loosing his control in that aroma and found himself floating in that cloud.

She poked his leg with her toes to get him out of his trance. When he look at her, startled 'Ummm,.. Ahh.. Wha(t)..!!!!', she let out this beautiful laughter. It started from her lips, emitted her eyes and reached his heart. The sound of cool-ly flowing river soothed his senses. At that instant, he picked up her glass of water and sipped from it. She did the same. They looked into each others eyes while sipping and a lot of love n affection was exchanged in an instant.

After some time passed like this, it was time to part. She placed her hands on the table to exclaim 'See, I've got an old burn mark'. He immediately held her hands and 'carefully' inspected the mark. But after that, none of them let go. They held each others hands, for the first time. The touch was heavenly. He had never felt sooo amazing. Her hands were cold and were drawing heat from his palm. He felt really good at this. "Chalo, at least I'm literally giving her warmth :p ". Both were caressing each other back of palm with their thumb. He felt cool mint flowing under his skin. The feather touch of her palm against his - he felt as if he was holding an angel. He ran his eyes up her hands; smooth flawless hands and watched her perfect shoulders. He wanted to reach across the table, hold her hands, make her stand up and then hug her tight; wanted her beautiful hands wrapped around his body. But then again .... .public restaurant...!!! :(

They both stood up to leave. He didn't want to let her go. He was thinking of any possible way to stall her, so that he can love her some more. But, it wasn't to be. Biding adieu, she went out the door. After some 10-20 seconds, he left the restaurant and watched her go in the distance, her perfect angelic body floating inches above the ground. He wanted to run up to her and hold her in his embrace. But couldn't. He kept looking at her majestic walk until she was lost in the crowd.

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