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Not made in Heaven - *Behind the Scene* | Friday, October 10, 2008

Hi there. Finally the much loved story, 'Marrige : Not made in heaven' has reached it's finale. Comments aren't pouring in yet :p but I'm sure you'll like it. If you haven't read it yet, read the whole story bottom to top - Here. And, watch out for the upcoming PDF version of the story, a book that you can download and read anytime you want.

Behind the curtain star performerIn the meantime, here's some 'behind the scene' story bytes specially for you. The true story behind the story. Through out the course of this series, readers have asked me whether this is a true story. To clarify it for once and for all, I'm still not married. But don't get your hopes high. I'm hitched. It happened exactly as it is described in the 1st Episode - Jab We Met and almost as 2nd Episode - Be my (L / w) ife. Rest of the episodes are my imagination. Gotta say that I've great imagination power. [ Blowing my own trumpet. HeHe ] Well, at least my girl thinks so... :) Now, she'll tell you some of the real story. Here's something that she asked me to post here. Listen to her now -

[ Continued in Full Post ]

Girl writing for her BoyfriendThis post is about my guy. No, I'm not gonna write on how we met and stuff. I'll write a mixture of everything.

The last series which Vicky has written is dedicated to me. [ Blush Blush :$ ] After reading the first part, I was like 'awwwww soooo sweet'. Strangely, we were not seeing each other when he started this series. He had told me that very shortly he'd write something for me. When he posted the 1st Episode, I had an inking that this is me. Later on, he would discuss every minute detail with me, on everything about me. As the series progressed, our love was also moving, actually jumping steps ahead. :)

There are certain things which happen in every love story, which is happening with us too. We fight like hell, well not everyday but yes may be every 15 days :P . Whenever we fight, I always decide on not receiving his call, come what may! But, the moment I see his name flashing on my cell's screen, I'm like - "Ooohhhhh… I can't live without talking to my baby". There's silence for at least 5-7 minutes after receiving the call. Then again fighting, which follows by 'coochi cooing'.

Know what baby? I really don't like some habits of yours. Like, I keep talking until my throat pains and you quietly and patiently listen to me. It so irritates me. But then, I like the way you say "Aisaaaa, Achaaaa, Hmmmmm, Uummmmm, Fir Fir" and so much more which obviously I don't want to mention here. ;) And of-course, I LOVE the way you care for me. It happens in every relationship but still. The way you take care of me when I'm unwell; the way you make me laugh when I'm sad or in bad mood; the way you make me understand when I'm confused; the way you make me feel extremely special; the way you wake me up from sleep; the way we call each other by those shweet shweet names. Every breathe you take makes me feel that it's for me and me only. And, how could I forget to mention that we love pulling each others legs. :D The first thing I want in the morning after I wake up is you. I go to bed thinking about you. In my dreams I see you and you only. Every fraction of second has your memory and love in it. When I eat your favorite food, I feel so elated as if you have cooked, specially for me.

I guess there's only one similarity between us but many dissimilarities. The similarity is that both of us are introverts but when it comes to you, I'm a complete extrovert. I'm always in a hurry about everything but you take your own sweet time no matter what the conditions are :@ . I'm very impatient and you're the opposite of it. I'm quiet short tempered and you are the calmer one. I'm the talkative one (with you only) but you hardly talk. The list is endless. But, as we all know, opposites attract. May be that's the reason of us being so much in love.

After all the love and praise, I want to tell you something and that is, tell me things directly rather than indirectly at times. I don't understand, you see. Or rather, I want to hear directly from you. But anyways, I love you a lot, no matter what.

First Kiss

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