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My Sis - Google Woman Engineer 2009 | Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hi there. Posting here after a long time. There's a good good news. My sister has been nominated for this year's Google India Women in Engineering Award. Pretty cool, huh? I'm very very thrilled. Seeing her name in the Google Website here, gave me so much excitement and I'm just so so proud of her.

The program is on 12th Feb at the Infinity Tower. Sis will reach Bangalore tomorrow night. Flight, stay and all expenses paid by Google. But sadly, I can't meet her. :( She'll be straight away taken to the Google Guest house and the next day, the function schedule is packed. Outsiders are said to be 'not allowed', only invitees. I wished I could be with my sis on her day. Anyway, will be in touch with her through cell. And, whether she gets this award or not, I know she's already enjoying this. 1st of all, getting a nomination from Google is such an honor in itself. Secondly, she's traveling on her own, that too, so far from home for the first time. Not to mention, her first air travel. She'll be visiting Bangalore and Hyderabad for the 1st time.

So many 1st times for her. :$ But not an award. I mean, being awarded isn't a first time for her. She's always been applauded for her excellence. She's gold medalist from her University in M.Sc. Man, I was so so proud that day. "My sister - University topper...!!" And, she also won the state level Youth Parliament competition back in her B.Sc. days. Dad is madly proud of her. He used to give us her example. "Why can't you be like your sis?" I used to get so so angry on her and dad. But now, all that's changed. Every single achievement of her makes me so so proud. I really wish she wins this award. :) Best of luck, Sis.

Readers, you can also wish her luck. Drop your wishes here as comments. Will let you about the results here later on.


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