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I'm back | Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Hi folks. Its been a long Long LONG time since I last posted here. Was busy like anything. Been running all over the place, what with the new job, new house et al. Jan was probably busiest month of my life so far. First off, sold my 7 year old PC, that too on my B'day. :-( Am PC less ever since. :-( :-( Then moved to Pune to join ADP. But didn't like it there. So, moved back to Bangalore and on 21st Jan, joined HCL.

On 26th Jan, had to shift with my room-mate to his new house in Banaswadi. But my office was very far from that place. So, checked-into company guest house, availing the relocation assistance. Was looking for a flat to rent during that time. That was something. Finally located and finalized a house nearby to office. Moved in there and staying alone ever since. It's a 15 minute walk from office to home. Cool, huh? Well, the house seems to be haunted. For starters, I (think I) had seen a man in the hall for fraction of seconds on the very 1st day I moved in. And then he vanished in thin air. That night I slept with lights on. Have experienced that spooky feeling several times thereafter. But now they've almost died down.

About office; well - it's nothing like Ness. Very very 'makkhi chuus' you can say. :p Even basic amenities are removed due to 'recession'. Food in cafeteria is below avg and there's no good restaurant in the entire stretch of road. Had to walk some rough path during 1st month here. But now I guess I'm more or less settled here.

[ Continued in Full Post ]

Personal life; well - nothing's left of it. The year had started without Ria by my side. Didn't get her call on my B'day either. My wallet was stolen on 4th Jan. So, had a terrible start of the year. Which continued. Had patched up with Ria when I was coming back from Pune. But broken glass is a broken glass. You can't hold it together with duct-tape forever. There were some heated words exchanged and we parted ways. For the nth time. I guess she's better off me. Wish her all the happiness in life.

Well, life is like this now -> Wake up in the morning, run to office, spend 10-12 hours there, come back to home, take dinner outside, watch some TV, sleep. And the loop continues. Oh, did I tell you that I bought a new TV? My 1st TV to be precise. It's a LG 22" LCD. More on this in my next post. Watch this space.

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