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A Short story | Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I feel like telling you a short story today. Let's start -

There were these two kids, one boy and one girl. They were best of friends. They shared everything. One day, they were playing side by side; the boy with his mini-soldiers and the girl with her dolls. They quite liked each others toys. So, the girl proposed to the boy - "Let's exchange our toys". "Ok" - the boy said and started gathering all his mini-soldiers. When the boy wasn't looking, the girl hid her favorite doll in her frock. And then they exchanged their toys. The boy was very happy, getting those soft dolls. And the girl was also happy on getting soldiers.

That night, the boy slept peacefully on his bed, hugging those dolls. But the girl couldn't. She kept thinking whether the boy has also hid his favorite soldier while she wasn't looking, just like she had done. She kept imagining a very attractive mini-soldier toy hidden somewhere in the boy's room. She couldn't sleep.

Moral of the Story : - What did you learn from this story? Leave your comments.

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