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New start of the New Year | Wednesday, January 06, 2010

First of all, wish you all a very very happy new year. Even though, my start of the new year wasn't good at all. For starters, that special someone wasn't there to wish me on the new year. Same will be the fate of my B'day this Thursday. And add to these, I got pickpocketed yesterday; 1st time in my life; during the 1st week of the new year. Not a good sign for the rest of the year, what say?

This is how the events unfolded. After a test, I was on my way back from Bannerghatta Road to BTM. Don't know what I was thinking when I boarded the Route-G4 bus, which was already crowded. I was tired and just wanted to reach home. When the bus reached Jayadeva Circle, I had to get down as the bus doesn't ply entirely on my route. Just before alighting I noticed that my sunglasses were missing. I figured that it might've dropped on the bus floor during all that pushing and shoving.So, I reboarded the bus and was looking for it on the floor and asked people around. After a while, a drunk looking guy handed it over to me, saying that he found it on the floor. Surprisingly, there wasn't even a scratch on the sunglass even though the bus was pretty crowded. There was no way those glasses would've survived so many footfalls, had it been on the floor. Anyway, I was just thankful that I got it back in one piece. I was getting off the bus again, when I noticed... damn, my wallet was missing....!!!!

Fucking hell. I reboarded the bus one more time. Looked for my wallet on the floor for 10 secs. But I already had my suspicion on that drunk looking vagabond guy. On asking people who were standing near me if they've seen anything, another IT pro adviced to check that same guy. I shouted to the conductor that there's been a pickpocketing and not to open the doors. But the bus was already at a bus-stop. The doors flew open and 3-4 guys got off, including the guy I had marked. I ran behind him, caught him and told him to show his pockets. He was reluctant. I anyway took out the wallet in his hip pocket. But it wasn't mine. So, without his 'range hath'*, had to let him go. Within 5-6 secs, I turned around to see that same guy ganging up with another guy from the bus and scfullig with and beating the IT pro who had spilled the bean on them. Don't know how badly they hit him, but he walked off crying and shouting that he's calling the cops.

Note to that IT Pro: If you are that IT guy who got beat up that day, I want to say sorry to you. Sorry that you got involved in this because of me and had to encounter this. Hope you are well now. Drop me a comment or mail if you want to say anything to me. Thanks.

[ Continued in Full Post ]

Anyway, right after that, both those crooks took off and were lost in the crowd on road. By this time, some onlookers had gathered. One of them told me that nothing could be done from there now. 'Just go home. Report to police'. I was just reluctunt. I was in a shock. My mind was working overtime or had it stopped working completely? I couldn't figure out what to do now. That 'samaritan' took me to an auto, paid the fair and I was on my way to home.

Note to that Samaritan: Thanks a lot. Your act goes on to prove that humanity still exists. Am I sounding too cheesy and filmy? Anyway, thanks again.

The late evening breeze blowing on my face brought me to my senses. Got over the state of shock and took out my cell. Dialled all the banks one by one and blocked all the Credit & ATM cards. Had reached home by now. Just one card was left. I didn't have the bank's phone number. It was already 1 hour since the theft. I figured I must lodge the FIR now. So, I headed for the Mico Layout police station which is closest to the incident spot. My 1st time in a police station. Was wondering how many '1st time' s were in store for the day. Anyway, we were directed to the room of the inspector who was already with someone. He anyway called us in [I was with my room-mate now] and asked 'what do u want'. When we told him the incident and wanted to lodge an FIR, he said "You want to lodge FIR for Rs 400? Govt will have to spend 5000-6000 bucks for that". Told him about the various cards and he said "That's your responsibility to block the cards". Long story short, he didn't want to lodge the FIR at all. At one point, he even said Jayadeva Circle doesn't come under his jurisdiction and I should go to TilakNagar Police Station. There were questions from him like "Where are you from? Which state?", but let's not get into that. Morale: Cops are the biggest criminals worldover.

I anyway found out the number of the last bank left and blocked that card. Thankfully there wasn't any transaction made yet. Just when I thought the primary damage control is done, I remembered that my PAN card was also in that wallet....!! Fuck. Didn't know what to do about that. Had a friend search the internet [it was past 10:30 PM now] but he didn't find anything substancial. Called up the number given on the back side of the PAN card but the route was constantly busy. Hmmmfffff. Will have to take care of that today. Called up dad and sis to update them with the happenings and inquire about the possible damages and further steps for the PAN card. And then went off to sleep.

But it seemed impossible to catch a sleep. I was fuming, was angry, irritated, still in a state of shock. Started tweeting to vent off my frustration. What did that thief gain from this? Rs. 300...!!? He obviously couldn't use the cards and I guess all thieves are smart enough now a days to know better. But for his mere gain, I have to go through all these troubles. Right now, I have no easy means to withdraw cash from my account, nor do I have any active credit cards left. I have no widely accepted ID proof. Its like I'm robbed off my identity. I am feeling like a part of me is lost. I'll have to rebuild everything. Re-create my identity.

Ahh, that reminds me that in this new year, everything is going to be new. I'm moving to Pune this Sunday. Permanently. Got a job there at ADP. So, New year - New Job, new city, new ID cards, new Credit cards, new phone number, new everything. Will probably blog next from Pune. Ciao.


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