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My long awaited break | Thursday, April 09, 2009

Hi There. Writing this post at mid-of-night, 'coz probably I won't get a chance to post anything for next couple of weeks. I'm going home on vacation. I had 3 reasons to go home this time. The 1st 2 most important reasons are no longer there. Still, am going home for the mare 3rd reason - to take a break from my exhausting work here in B'lore.

I'll leave from B'lore on Friday morning. Man, that's a bummer. Waking up at 5 AM, so early in morning. Then waiting for the bus at that secluded place, 1:50 hrs journey to airport - uuffff. I'll reach Calcutta by 1 PM. Earlier I had plans to stay in Calcutta couple of days. But now, that's also in the trash can. Calcutta is now officially worst place on earth in my list. If I had my way, I'd airdrop on my hometown rather than landing in Calcutta.

Aaah, I'll at home by 9 PM on Friday. Then, a 2 week stay there. Stress-buster. There'll be a sunday of 26th April. I'll have to leave home and board a train for Calcutta, again. uuuff. Hate that place. Straight to Dumdum and my flight will staright-away bring me back to B'lore. To you people.

So long. See you after the break. Ciao.


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