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2nd Day @ ADP : Day of revealations | Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2nd day at ADP, Pune; at it was a day of revealations. Today I got my associate id-password and was able to open a computer to read the company policies. And what I read shocked me beyond anything. I felt like I've been duped and that now I'm stuck in this jail. Here are some of the policies that are stuck like a bone in my throat.

Night Shift : First and foremost, the shift allowance (SA) is very meager. At the time of selection, I was told SA is Rs 1200 for UK shifts and Rs 2000 for US shift. I assumed that to be a per day pay, as it was at Ness. But now I read that I'll have to do such shifts 5 times to be elligible for the allowance. That is, in a month, if I work 5 days in UK shift, I'll get Rs 2000. More shocking was statement from my working team lead. He said it's not 5 but 15 actually. :-O WTF...!!!

Timings : I was under the impression that there's flexible shift timings. But turns out it is beneficial only for the managers. I'll given a shift time as per their need. I have no say in this. And if I arrive a little late or leave a little early, there will be 'consequences'. So much for flexible timing...

[ Continued in Full Post ]

Transport : I'm not feeling that I'm working in a reputed MNC Software company, due to the cab service that ADP is providing. 7 people are packed into a single cab and ferried like cattles. I feel like a call center employee. [nothing against them.] The return cabs are worse. All the employees struggle with the co-ordinator. "Which cab should I board. Give me a cab" etc... It's utter chaos.

Investment Proof : ADP is trying to be a govt. agency on its own. Invetment proof submission procedures are very strict. You can declare your investments only twice a year and can't make any changes in between or thereafter. Moreover, you need to give solid proof, which are not readily available most of the time. For example, for medical expenses, you need to submit the medical bills every month, along with the doctor's prescription. There's no such rule from the Indian Govt. Just the medical bills should suffice. That too, all the bills can be submitted together towards the end of the financial year. But nope, ADP is implementing its own rules.

HR : Another shocking thing here is the unavailability of HR for concerns. In every company, HR doors are always open for all employees. But here, they show up only when they need something from you. The HR department is located in a 'hidden' and 'restricted' room. Only HRs can enter. If you want to talk to an HR, you have to knock on the small glass pane on the door. If someone is in the vicinity and hears your knock, they will answer the door, ask 'what u want' and tell you to wait outside. The 3-4 times I did that, no one came out of that door and I was kept waiting. I had to come back without getting a HR Darshan.

Misc : There's a strict print-out policy. There are three types of print papers. Blue colored, blue stripped and normal white paper. The 1st two are available on the work area only and they can't be taken outside. Similarly, normal white papers are available in Kiosk, which is outside the work area and can't be brought inside. Well, this is not much of my concern. Just wanted to mention it here.

I've already written about the 'No-mobile-phones-inside' policy and unhygenic condition of the washrooms. All in all, I wonder how can an ADPer say 'We enjoy coming to work everyday'. :(

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