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I don't like Holidays | Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Don't get shocked or draw some weired conclusions. I am not from out of this world or like. I am just another average guy, walking for the 1st time on the shore of silicon valley. And for all those professionals who will do anything today to get a holiday - I can surely say that even they shared my enthusiasm during their early days.

Recently there was a long vacation of 4 days; Friday to Monday. And I was bored to tears. 1st two days went as usual. But the last two days were heading for a catastrophe. Thanks to the New Yr bash on 31st and the hangover on next day, that finally it was bearable. There weren't any special plans for the 31st night. But when Anurag came here and proposed to hit MG rd at the 11th hour, nobody could refuse it. So, there we were, on MG rd @ 2330hrs.

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Brigade was non-recognizable. It was flooding with people from all over B'lore. At the strike of Midnight, the night sky was on fire. The fireworks were awesome; but couldn't stop to have a good look as we were supposed to keep moving (policing). Anyways, all in all, the whole night-out was pretty awesome. Meeting and greeting total strangers, shouting, trying to send msgs and calls at that hour of high n/w jams, walking home back - everything seemed new, just as the new yr.

Ok, that's enough 'bout the New Yr bash. I was here to talk 'bout how I hate holidays. Guess I'm deviating from my track. So, New yr is out of thoughts now and back to some 'holiday' talk.

Today is again a Friday. Again two holidays. It's not that I loath getting holidays. It's just that after a while, I get bored. It's a bit like college days. There also I didn't like getting holidays. But the reason there was entirely different. It was all 'bout Rani. I could see and meet her only on working days, but not on holidays. So, holidays were like the last things I wanted on this earth. Guess people get really crazy when they r in love. I think I've got a hangover from that account. Rani isn't here @ my office. But still I luv it here. 1st person to enter our floor, one of the last person to leave. Even at this hour (1920hrs) on Friday, i am at office. By the way, not doing official work but blogging. So, you can't call me workaholic, but ya - Crazy 'bout net would be a good compliment.

I've got my holidays approved, but with a little hitch. I have to be back here by 29th. But in that case, I'll miss the marriage of Manish. Don't know what am I gonna do. Let's see. This is going to be the only chance when I'll be looking forward to get just one day extension. I'm signing off for now. All u people out there - take care. C Ya.


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