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Wrong Words | Friday, April 21, 2006

Well, I am back here after the break. But seems I won't be able to do much here 2day as the supervisor of the cafe' have fire-walled ORKUT. That is, no more Orkuting from the college cafe'. Well, that would be matter of few days before we can find out some alternate way of accessing it from this cafe' itself. Till then, Ta Ta - & Miss U Orkut.

Anyways, the last 24 hrs were not so good either. I've been using some wrong words at wrongs places. For instance, last evening when a lecturer suddenly banged upon me & asked why I didn't attend classes, I said
"I had mouth ulcers & was advised to take bed rest."
Whow. Bed rest for Mouth Ulcer....!!! What was I thinking while saying that...!! The wonder is - the lecturer didn't express doubts. Lucky escape. But, as a matter of fact - I didn't lie to him totally. I am suffering mouth ulcer.

And now it was today. Pavitra was returning me the CD-RW she had borrowed from me. I was running out of words (It wasn't long b4 I woke up this morning). I was thinking what more can I say. So, I just asked - "So, do u have classes now?" and within a sec, realized what mistake I've done. Somehow I managed the situation but I am now feeling the guilt of causing her some pain. Hey Pavi, if U r reading this, then I would like to say - "I m sorry. I didn't do that intentionally".

At the lunch time, I saw Rani at the bus stand - in a hurry to catch her bus. I didn't pay much attention and didn't even want to write 'bout it here. But then again - I can't think of writing something else without it. It's gonna take some time b4 I get over it.

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