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Branch Fest - INSIGHT | Monday, April 10, 2006

Hey All Bloggers out there,
Last Saturday, we had our branch fest. And truly speaking, it wasn't as bad as I expected it to bee. Now U must be wondering why am I diminishing my branch event...!!! Well, U must be here at my place to understand that. I can't explain the situation down here in words - but to make you understand in brief - A North Indian in my college is same as a Hindu in Pakistan. So, I am just not interested in anything JNNCE (that's the name of my college). That's why I didn't even contribute in the organization or anything despite being final yr student. Of course there was an additional reason for this. Rani was participating in the fashion show & I didn't want to be in the same room with her.

[ Continued in Full Post ]

Anyways, lemme cut short to the events of the fest. Wen I reached the event spot, some of the events were already over. So I missed a great chunk of the fun (And I really mean FUN). Nxt was a dance prog by our juniors. That went pretty good - honestly. But the better one was by Pavitra. She set the stage on fire. NXT - the much awaited fashion show. The first model to walk the Ramp - Pallavi C Kamath, nickname - Mammoth. Do I need to say more. (Hope she's not reading this. Else she'll stomp me) That was the traditional round, where Rani was also a part of. All other stalkers were drooling. (even though she has put on some additional 5 or 10K weight.well, that's the level of frustration in our college). The show saver was the hip hop round where our class representative Niroop appeared. Then there was this group song by all the final yr students of ISE. That may seem emotional to some, but we can surely see a virtual wall between the Northies & southies - a wall that is never gonna break.

U know what, I m not here to tell you fest events actually. Actually It's 'bout events there after. At the dinner - there she was under the tree. Can't bear her sight these days. So, just moved away from there. Cut to Raghu's shop outside campus. there we friends sat in a line & wished every outgoing bus "good night". That was really kool. Then back to hostel - some chit chat at the stairs - some photo shoot - back to room.

Back in room, I found out that Rani has given her Mobile No. to my room mate & asked him to ask me to call her whenever I want to. And from the time I've seen that number - it's running through my mind all the time. I am almost resiting that number like a mantra. I don't think that I'm gonna give her a call , ever. Still the no. is hovering in my head.

OK, 4get that. Some more news. Most of the girls who dined here that day - are admitted to city hospital @ present due to food poisoning. That's the magic of local curd rice. The +ve thing 'bout this is that our classes were suspended 2day for that.
I am getting bored yaar. Been in this cafe for past 3 hrs. we'll write later. Stay tuned.

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