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Is remaining Calm worth it..? | Saturday, September 30, 2006

As anyone who knows me will admit, I am one of the most calm guys in our batch. Not that I am fade-up of that image, but lately I've been receiving a lot of brickbats due to that. That makes me wonder whether remaining calm in heated moments worth it....??

I never pick up a fight with anyone, ignoring nuisance and harms caused by them. Even when someone deliberately mess with me and the heat is on the rise, I remain calm. Maybe 'coz I am not physically strong enough to withstand physical confrontation. But primarily to ease the environ. Shouting at equal pitch will only worsen the situation and relation. If I don't participate in the war, the opponent is gonna tire out within some time and everything will be back to normal. And it does. But lately, the flip side of this approach is surfacing.

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Most war mongers are taking me to be a cow. Every time any of them is biting the dust, they pick up a fight with me, with no solid reason; just to appease own Manhood Ego. They believe I wont argue & shout much, so they can shout at me and manhandle me and WIN war on me. The worst part of it is that some among these breed are my own dear friends. I try my best not to get involved but sometimes they do cross the limit; and that's when I erupt.

There's been 2 such incidents in past few months. In both cases, those two people apologized to me later - realizing I was at no fault. We are still friends. But the memory of that incident is still erect like a wall between us.

This makes me ponder, is remaining calm worth it in the first place.....!!!! Just 2 days back, my flat mate was showering his anger on me, acting as if he is the BOSS and he'll decide what I should do and what I shouldn't. I had answers to each and every attack of him. But I couldn't expect that spoilt brat to understand logically. So I remained calm while he was throwing tantrum all over the place. He doused after some time and within evening, was talking to me as if nothing had happened. Things could've gone very bad that day - snowballing into someone moving out of the flat. But that didn't happen as I didn't participate in the fight. This realization
do give me a nice feeling. But the flip side is that maybe I am harming my own reputation. No one's gonna say that "Vicky handled the situation well and averted something much worse". All they will say is "He is a coward."

No matter what Munnabhai says about Gandhigiri, I am feeling that these things hold no value in today's world. If U stoop, everyone is gonna trample you.
A brick for a brick is the mantra of today's world.

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