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Heated Saturday | Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Last Saturday was the worst day in my college life till date (worse is yet to come, U know when).

It all started so well. Anurag said at night that he'll stay over at our place at the night & we'll spend the night chatting, gossiping & all sorts of good stuff. It was after a pretty long time & it was going to be awesome. It's been long since we spend the whole night awake, together. And I personally always look forward to such moments. 'Coz when we're out of this college - lost large chunk of our contacts and look back at our days in the college - these are the moments that will surface in our mind first.

Anyways, I was pretty much delighted at this sudden opportunity. Anurag, Rajan & me - we three were in my room and we were having a good time. We were chatting, teasing and blah blah blah. Then what started as a short humor, slowly turned into a heated debate & later - a word fight. The environ got really heated & ugly. It was between me & Anurag. something that had never happened b4 - no matter how worse the situations were. It lasted just 2 or 3 minutes - but in that much time - it has caused all that it can. we didn't talk for an hour but then he realized his mistake and said sorry. The matter was closed forever but something is changed ever since. hope, that is not permanent. Hope we can recreate the magical bond we shared once again. I won't give up on you Anu.

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