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मेरे HR को गुस्सा क्यों आता हैं....!!! | Friday, July 28, 2006

Guys, this time I achieved the non-prestigious feat of getting dropped from HR interview - 3 times in a row. That's awful. Every time I appear for a recruitment drive - I clear the written test easily, come out of tech interview with flying colors - the next step being final HR interview. And that is where I get sacked every time. 1st it was TCS, 2nd : Apara and now MBT.

MBT interview has been an 'Now ON - Now OFF' event for me - right from the start. Cutting the long story short - lemme tell U 'bout the awful Sunday, the 23rd. I started early in the morning as the venue (JSSATE) was quite far & our scheduled time was 9 am. The road was just anti-tire. 'दिमाग का दही बन गया'. At the venue gate, there was this long queue of aspirants, entering one by one. Once inside, the view was awesome. But the arrangement was much below par. Candidates were just roaming here & there, wondering where to go. Finally the written test started. Paper was full of some silly mistakes - spelling, grammar, repeat etc. Whatever, I was sure to clear the test. Babubhai wasn't so sure - and eventually he couldn't. Result announcement was another blunder. Everyone was roaming all around the campus when suddenly we got to know that results are being declared. By the time we reached there, more than half of the names of short listed candidates were already declared. My name didn't pop up till the end. So I approached the official & checked the list. And there was my name, right at the top of all with the highest marks.

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Then I hurried to the tech interview venue. That was yet another roller coaster ride. The interviewer seemed pre-irritated. He snatched my resume - went through it for a min and then started shooting his questions. Every question followed by a counter Q and again. He was giving me an impression that he was there to drive the hell out of me. Anyways, when I came out the hall, I was pretty much sure that this pissed off man is not gonna let me move further. But I did move further. I was taken to the HR room. The usual questions followed - which I answered in much better way this time. At one point - she asked me 'what is your preferred location and expected salary?' This particular Q is said to be a sure sign that U r selected. So, I was quite happy that 'finally, I am gonna make it'. But right after that, she glanced at my graduation marks cards and the selection process went down the drain. She spotted some 'back' papers and then on, seemed uninterested. Just 2 formal Qs followed and then "OK, we'll contact U in a week's time". That was the last nail to the coffin. I knew no one's gonna contact. That was similar to "U can leave the premises & never look back".

And thus I gained the greatest disappointment of all time. If they wanted 'clear in 1st attempt' candidates, they should've mentioned that in the job-posting itself. After going through all the hassle, at the end they are telling that I am not eligible....!!! It was like being offered the job and then being stripped off it.
TIP : Inquire about every minute details before going for any interview. If U don't fulfill any of the criteria, attend it at your own risk of disappointment. Who knows, I wasn't lucky, but U might turn out to be the LUCKY one.

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