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How an Engineer turns Superstitious | Tuesday, September 12, 2006

We often see people blaming their 'bad luck' for wrong things happening to them. Ranging from small things going missing, to whole world crashing around you - everyone holds 'bad luck' responsible. But the intelligent 'we' analyze every aspect of an event and point out the earthly reason behind it - thus making the 'bad luck' perception VOID.
'Everything bad happening to you is a reaction of some or the other action of your's. And there's no one else to blame.'
That's the theorem of ideologists. And that's what I believed. UNTIL NOW.....

[ Continued in Full Post ]

Me, a software engineering graduate, AM saying that not everything is Dependant on your actions. The world is a stage and your day to day life is a wild game of LUCK. And when the luck is not in your fever, or worse, against you - no matter what you do, you're gonna end up with your face smashed against the floor.

If someone would have said these things to me a month ago, I would've branded him religious fanatic. But what I am going through for the past three months, makes me believe - BELIEVE in LUCK. I've been hunting for jobs and rarely getting some calls - due to my poor network. And the few calls I've been receiving - I always ended up getting dropped at the final round, which usually is - HR round. I believed 'it's my poor communication skills that's costing me the job'. So, I worked on it a lot, improved myself a lot - and was raring to go. Then came the chance of MBT. I scored highest in written, sailed through the hour long technical interview, and the HR was going superb - like never before. The HR person was about to declare my selection to me. Just then she glanced at my previous back papers and showed me the door. I told myself - 'Undeclared Company Policy - No Backs Allowed. My Fault'. Later I got to know some other guys with below cut-off marks and back papers were also hired....!! Then the Qwest event. I've been checking my mail everyday,but there were no new mails for 4 continuous days. So I skipped one day, and when I checked it the next day - I had an interview call from Qwest - which was asking for a confirmation before the previous evening. Another opportunity - LOST.

Then there was Ocwen. I was hopeful like never before. Damn easy written test, scheduled to be followed by simple HR round and a brief tech interview with limited set of questions - repeated every time. What could be easier than that? But to my utter surprise, a GD round was initiated. 18 people shouting and arguing all around me. I knew that was the end of that day. That's when I started believing in luck and cursing it. Anyways, the HR contacted me in few days, and offered me an alternate position to be taken up. I was cheerful and thought maybe last failure was blessing in disguise. Selection process in Ocwen - minus GD is gonna be a cakewalk. But I didn't know that Luck was gonna play a dirty joke on me.

There were total of 6 people there, including me. 3 of them from E&C branch - knowing nothing of Java - a major work domain of Ocwen. I sailed through the HR and technical was remaining. I was 100% sure that I am gonna get selected this time. I typed an sms to send to my friends, waiting for my results back home; saved it to send when I get the official confirmation. Candidates were being called one by one and I was called on 5th turn. Some questions of Java & OS. Then he started asking questions from .Net. I was never prepared for this. This company never works on .Net and it has got nothing to do with it. But still ........ grilled by .Net. At the end - I was branded 'Technically weak'. ....!!! That's the worst thing I've ever heard. My friends from all other branches, and even CS and my branch IS, are learning depths of C++ & Java from me. They all are employed now and I AM TECHNICALLY WEAK.....!!! Mockery of LUCK; what else would U call it.....???

OK, lemme see from a ideological point of view.I failed in my first few chances 'coz I wasn't well enough in HR.
I failed in MBT 'coz I had ( previous - no current ) back papers.
I missed Qwest 'coz I wasn't vigilant enough to check mail each & everyday..
I failed in Ocwen 1st time 'coz I suck at GD.
I failed again 'coz I wasn't prepared for .Net

But why the hell it always has to be me....!!! Are all others flawless...?? Most of them suck in their skills. All 5, except me were selected yesterday. Most of them were shaking in their boots before the interview. But they were asked kiddish questions while I was grilled with a new language. Isn't it Luck at its worst...?

I am called 'The most eligible candidate' by all of my classmates - even my foes. Every time I go for an interview - they say "This time U r gonna return with a job & lots of sweets for us." Been hearing that since 7th semester. Will hear it again when I go to attend my next call. But only if bad luck stops ruining my day .....

Some reader out there might call all this 'frustration of a looser' or say "U r worthless 'Mr. I M D Best'" Whatever U say - I know one thing for sure now - We are just puppets while LUCK pulls the strings.

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