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New phase of life | Tuesday, December 05, 2006

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My life has changed a lot these days. One of my major concern has finally found a rest. I've got a job. After 5 months of struggle - finally landed a job. So, even though things could've been better (as my friends used to say - "Some very big opportunity is in store for U"), I told myself "Things could've been worse". Thinking of it - If I'd been offered a job of 10k salary - wouldn't I accept it? Of course I would have. So, in this view - I've got a much better chance to call a launch.

Even this chance was getting blown. The tech interview went Ka-put. Within 10 mins, I saw the chance going downhill. Once out of the interview room - I knew for sure that I wont make it. So, was depressed as usual - headaches and all. Came back to room, pillow case, trying to rest; Consolation from room-mates - all the usual stuff. Thought writing to Deepthi (another story) would ease me out. So, wrote a pretty long letter to her - venting out all my frustration. AND - just as I was about to finish d letter - my cell rang up to a local landline call. When I picked it up and heard the word "Ness", all my senses sprung up. They surely won't call me up to say - "U'r rejected". The only other possibility - "Attend the HR tomorrow morning at 10:30".

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I just couldn't believe my ears. Again all my past experiences surfaced. Rising from the rubble, getting a 2nd chance - trying hard and again failing at last round. So, I feared it's gonna be again like that. Anyways, I had to prepare no matter what. Next few days, I was sent back & forth; the interview always getting postponed. The feeling that "It's not gonna work out" - begun to sink in. There was this gap of 3-4 days when we had no contact from Ness or LuminUs. So, in a way, I almost accepted that it's over. But again there was this call for HR interview. And this time I made it.

1st day @ work didn't go as I've always dreamt. All day - we new joinies had to wonder around - waiting. And when it was time to leave - we were given a lot of paper work to fill in. At d end of d day - I returned home with a giant backache. Things improved only when I got my "Access card". Now I can enter my cubical straight away. The feeling of being a part of this place begun to sink in. Then some days back I got my ID Card - with the Ness logo and Emp. Id. No. That was a high in its own context. So, 1st week went by simply with some high.

There's been no good interaction with team-mates till now. There's been a b'day party last Friday. But not much interaction took place that day. Hope we can break the ice quickly. There's a fresher party tomorrow. Looking forward to it.

I'd have loved to upload some pix of my team-members. But I'm not having those at present. Have asked Deepti to send me some. Will upload when I get those. Till then, just wait...

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  • Anonymous Anonymous says:
    Wed Dec 06, 11:59:00 PM  

    nice blog u got goin here..
    Ya the interview stuff really sucks, it more of luck than aability especially for the IT companies..

    And please activate "anonymous comment" option in ur blog, its difficult to sign in everytime to leave ea comment/ top



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