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New Phase of Life (2) | Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Things are much more different now. I am not just a college pass-out now; I am a professional in this IT industry. All my responsibilities and priorities change with this. And the symptoms are so vivid.

No longer do I wake up late in morning or shuffle through pages of 'ascent' looking for fresher jobs; neither do I dress shabbily nor am I feeling lost. Life has taken a total make over. The things I was doing a few days ago - now I see others doing those; and as I know how painful those days were - I try to do the best I can to help them out. All this, 'coz now I am able to do that. Just weeks ago, I was running round and round to corp offices - looking for any little help I can get. And now, some of my classmates are jobless. So, i am helping them with all I can. This feels great, U know.

Met Shruthi & Sowmya GS here @ Ness yesterday. Both were here to attend the written test. Same situation - just the persons are changed. Now they were the candidates and I was there to guide them. Again today - they both are waiting at reception for their interview. I saw them from the glass door and went ahead to give some 'wise advice'. It felt so great. It feels like Grey area of mind but hey, mind works like that. I am savoring my position. What's wrong in that...??
OK... enough for today. More on this later..... C Ya.....


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