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Osama Bin Laden killed? Here's what REALLY happened. | Thursday, May 05, 2011

Alright, so the whole world is abuzz with the Operation Geronimo news. Osama Bin Laden is killed in a strike by American SEALs and like everything American, this news too is shrouded in controversies and there are numerous conspiracy theories doing the rounds. The way the whole situation was dealt with by the US authorities does raise eyebrows of doubts. There's no way that 4 US choppers penetrated so deep inside Pakistan and returned without raising a flag; and Pak came to know only when Obama told them. They are claiming that they used radar evading technologies and blah blah. Really....?? We are buying this? They can fly almost to the capital of a country without anyone knowing? No less to an army cantonment? We think too highly of "American technology". Also, if America had taken the risk of being discovered, Pak would've retaliated for misusing its air-space and it'd have escalated to war like situation. Also, Pak would've understood that US knows about Abbottabad and would've tipped Osama off and whisked him away. And Pak could have easily claimed later "Who, us? We know nothing". America couldn't take that risk. Here is what I think happened.

Fake pic circulating on net. (NOT released by USA)

  • USA came to know of Osama's hideout in Abbottabad. They ran surveillance for some time and confirmed his presence there.
  • They established ISI and Pak army indeed had facilitated that safe-house for Osama and were guarding it from a distance.
  • America confronted Pak with solid proofs & intel and ordered them to end their double game. America threatened to bombard Pak and reduce it to rubbles like Afghanistan. "Either you are with us, or you are against us". "We'll declare war on you and fuck the shit out of you if you don't hand over Osama".
  • Pakistan had no other choice. But they couldn't take part in the military operation to capture/kill Osama. Pak told USA "We'll be outcast from our Muslim nations' brotherhood. There will be riots in Pakistan. Al-Qaeda and Taliban, who are just next door, will blast us to oblivion." etc..
  • USA said "Alright. We'll make it look like you were not aware of this operation. Just allow us to fly our team in".

Thus, the stage was set. Now, on the fateful night...

[ Continued in Full Post ]

Pak army/intelligence turned off the radars or whatever. Pak army cuts off power to that entire area. The US strike team flew in and landed on the compound. They themselves blew up one helicopter. [Technical snag claim is BS] This was done so that Pak save face and can claim internally among "Muslim nations' brotherhood" that Pak army had indeed intercepted the strike team and "pak army" shot them down to save "Our messiah".

There's a very good probability that the ISI/Pak army had at least one of their representative inside the compound as caretaker [or whatever] of the house or mediator all along. So far, he's been safeguarding Osama and reporting to Pak authorities. And been updating Osama about any developments. But this time, as Pak was exposed, he was ordered by Pak to help Americans when they strike. So he did. Probably he hid Osama's firearm before the strike and carried out other sabotages inside the compound. Thus when the SEAL team striked, they ran down the place, Osama was unarmed, all occupants were killed or captured and not a single American was even wounded.

Coming to think of it, I believe the SEAL got orders to "Capture Osama. And kill the rest. Kill them all. No survivors". That's why first it was announced that Osama's wife was killed, probably 'coz they didn't know it really didn't go as planned. In reality, when Pak was told that "We're here for blood", Pak said "WTF..!! Even women & kids?? You can't do that". After some deliberation, it was decided that women and kids will be spared. And thus later White House statement changed to "She was shot in leg, but not killed".

Now, the biggest question. Whether Osama was really killed. He might've been. He might not have been. The hurried burial "at see" is highly suspicious. And the way US is refusing to show evidence, I'm highly doubtful. If you ask me, until America shows some proof, I ain't believing. America doesn't care about Muslims getting shocked or upset by seeing the 'gruesome' picture of dead Osama. Hell, they were dancing & chanting & what not all over the country when Obama announced the killing. And now US is feeding us this BS.... releasing picture will endanger national security... What crap!!

Most probably Osama is captured alive and is being held at highly classified location like Area 51 or something for interrogation. They need him for all sorts of information and future plans. But couldn't let the world know that they have Osama. 'Coz then they'll have to follow the "Law" and shit. No. They faked his death and now they can do whatever they want with him. Osama is at their mercy and has no other option than to cooperate.

Internally, he ordered another team of experts to analyze the photo and determine if anyone can expose it as 'fake'. Well, the team returned with results - "Yes. We can".

Now, the photo controversy. First white house said they're pondering whether or not to release the photos. Internally, Obama asked CIA team to chalk something up. Great photoshoppers were assigned their task. When the photo was doctored and shown to Obama, he was impressed and announcement was made "Photo will be released. The Pros outweigh the cons". Internally, he ordered another team of experts to analyze the photo and determine if anyone can expose it as 'fake'. Well, the team returned with results - "Yes. We can". Obama said "Damn it!!" and announced "No no. The pic is very gruesome. It'll lead to bloodbath on streets". Err.. what happened to "Pros outweigh cons"...??

Next question - "What happens to Pak, now that it is exposed". The world is asking Pak to come clean. On face, USA will question Pak, but behind closed doors, it'll say "Alright pal. We're leaving you this time. Don't do this again". And the world will move on. But this might not end just here. America might in near future decide "Fuck, this ain't enough. We want more" and make a move on Pak. They'll say "Dude, Pakistan harbored Osama and stabbed us in the back" and declare war on Pakistan. They'll destroy/capture their nuclear arsenal and suck up whatever resource they can from Pak. And we all now what happens to the land after USA/hurricane Katrina has swept over it. Problem for Pakistan would be it won't be able to cry fowl. It can't claim then that it had helped USA in the Osama killing. 'Coz at that time, they'll know for sure that America isn't gonna back down, no matter what the world says. It'll be "Iraq & WMDs" all over again. Also, if they declare that they had helped US kill Osama, then "Muslim nations' brotherhood" won't come to fight for Pakistan in that war. Hence, Pak will have to endure the war, wash their hands off their nukes and maybe cease to exists as 'safe heaven for terrorists'.

USA will now have this sword hanging over Pakistan's head. Watch out how this unfolds. I seriously believe that we are on the brink of World War 3. What with what's happening in Libya and other middle-east countries. They are gonna be pissed sooner or later and declare a war, which will snowball worldwide. Also, this volatile situation in Pak now. Also, the way China is lining up its troops along the India-China border or Line of Actual Control. The whole world seems to be on the brink of another world war waiting to happen. And if that happens, you can be rest assured that someone is gonna use nukes. Is the world really gonna end in 2012? That too, not by external forces but in the hand of mankind itself?

To some it all up, these are my conclusions -
  • Pakistan was aware of Osama's presence in Abbottabad. In fact, ISI/Pak Army was sheltering him there. There's no doubt about it.
  • USA ordered Pak to cooperate or face war.
  • Pakistan personnel knew of the operation in advance and also provided support in the operation. Here also I don't have any doubt.
  • Osama is most probably captured alive. The killing is a hoax spread by White House.

Disclaimer: Don't brand me another Conspiracy theorist. What I've said above is common sense and use of logic. If you ask me for proof, well, I don't have any. Also, I hope that Osama is really killed this time. But until proven otherwise, the above account IS what I'll continue to believe.

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