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Minal Panchal - ..... | Friday, April 20, 2007

It was just any other day for me. Came to office, did my day to day work, gossiped, coffee breaks n all. And then I was GTalking with SS at the eve. She sent me a link to an Orkut Profile which was of some gal named Minal Panchal. "Who's she...??"(I hadn't read newspaper yesterday). My 1st thought was 'consolation prize...!!' (I feel so So SO sorry for that now). Why else was she sending me a Gal's profile then? My 2nd thought was "is she trying to show me 'the highest scrap count in a profile'", as it was 16k+ then. I smirked - Aparna has more than that... So, what was this about? She reacted - "udonno tht? OMG. an Indian prof and this girl died. see toi". That's all it's about...! people die everyday, what's so special here? I searched ToI online and reached this article which is now blank for some reason. Anyways, u can read the news here. Some other related links are mentioned at the end.
Anyways, the thing that startled me was that her profile was getting at least 10 scraps every 10 sec. C it yourself - here (if u have an orkut account). or below.
This is a video of Minal Panchal's Orkut scrapbook, while hitting the refresh button, over a short period of time. This video is testimony that she is being and will be missed. My heart goes out to her and Dr. Loganathan and all the other VT hokies that perished in this crazy shootout. May god give the VT folks the strength to handle this calamity...

Nothing has moved me so much in a long time. There was this gal I never knew, her orkut profile open on my desktop and I could feel blood rushing through my veins like never before. After writing something in her scrapbook, I was visiting her friends' profiles and I came across this DNA reporter Megha who has scrapped most of her friends asking for any pic or relevant info of Minal. That, kind of, enraged me. These reporters....!! They'll do anything to get a news scoop. They don't care about what the other people might be going through. That's what I conveyed in her scrapbook. And within minutes - she wrote back to me telling me to mind my language or shut up. (She has deleted all those scraps now). Momentarily I felt as if I am a part of all these.

[ Continued in Full Post ]

Forget Megha, I did all I could to spread the words about Minal. Posted in our intranet, mailed all friends in Orkut, pinged some up in GTalk - and now posting it here. And as I am writing this post - Minal's scrap count has crossed 30k. All of last night, I was thinking about all these. Minal, Virginia, Cho, her parents - Just some random thoughts - nothing in particular. I didn't catch sleep for most part of the night - partly 'coz of the terrible neck-pain I'm suffering from for past couple of days, and primarily 'coz of the Virginia massacre.

And from this morning I've been searching the net for any info related to this. Some shocking things came up. Like - did u know that Sometime after he killed two people in a Virginia university dormitory but before he slaughtered 30 more in a classroom building, Cho Seung-Hui mailed NBC News a large package including photographs and videos Monday morning, boasting,
"When the time came, I did it. I had to.”
Check this and some other related articles linked below -
NBC News
DNA Report

There are lotsa communities in orkut that are talking about this at this very moment. Some of them that appear appealing to me are -
Viriginia Tech Massacre
Virginia Tech Shooting
Virginia Tech - She was a member of this community.
Rizvi College of Architecture - and this also. College in Mumbai where she studied.

Some official sites from Virginia Tech :-
Virginia Tech - Where it all happened.
April 16th Memorial Website
Alumni Association

Guess I'll be adding some more things here from time to time. For the time being, I'll take off.

Update 1: Thought of embedding this news broadcast video here:

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