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Loosing roof overhead | Friday, March 30, 2007

Life is once again on the verge of a big change, in office. Already it is almost like Sunday here everyday, as some team-members are onsite, some come in night-shift. Add to that, worst in recent past was the quitting of Munish Sir, my first manager. Yesterday was his last working day in office. When this news was given to us during 'knowledge sharing session' on a Friday few weeks backs, we all were so shocked. He had his valid reasons, so we couldn't stop him; but letting him go was like loosing roof overhead. Still, we just couldn't stop him. So, we tried to make the best of the remaining days he was to spend with us as there was always this fear that after some days, he's not gonna be beside us. And finally, yesterday was the day. He was busy packing his belongings, doing the formalities with HR dept, taking care of last minute meetings n all. In short, even before his leaving, we were feeling the pressure of the day. Just the evening before that, we had arranged a farewell party for him. It was the last time we, CM team, went out together with him. And now, it was his time to part. He gave us some advices n all and we 3 ppl went down stairs to see him off. As his car was rolling out of the parking bay, one era of CM team was setting.

My friends in other companies say that 'it must be nice that your manager left. Now u r free'. They just don't understand what we r loosing. Munish sir were more of a mentor rather than Boss. He always protected us, no matter what and showed us the way whenever we were wrong or needed guidance. With him around, we never felt the bad heat. Being a fresher in this IT industry, I feel very lucky to get him as my Mentor. And, I was the most lucky person in my team to get to seat next to his cubical. :) But now that he's gone and his desk is empty - we are at a loss of thoughts. What's we gonna do in the coming days? We've been assigned to other existing managers of Indus EDC. But there's always going to be one difference which no one can omit. Now we are gonna get a Boss and not a mentor, what Munish Sir were.

It's his B'day on 6th April. He left us just a week ahead of his B'day. Wish we could've celebrated that day with him. Anyways, planning to do the same among ourselves. He had said that he might rejoin after 3 months. Wish this comes true. We would just love to have him back among us.

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