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Rupin Katyal कौन हैं ? | Monday, April 30, 2007

This is my 4th post regarding Minal Panchal and Virginia Tech massacre. This is 1st time ever that I'm thinking n writing so much about anything. I donno why, but for the 1st two weeks I've been thinking only about this. I was virtually hunting for anything Virginia Tech. And just as human memory work - slowly n steadily, I am getting it out of my mind; just similar to newspapers - where it keeps shifting from front page, to only 'international' page, to a tiny column there and finally out. Maybe one day I'll also stop bothering much about this. But one thing is for sure - I'm never gonna forget this name - Minal Panchal. Just as I haven't forgotten the name - Rupin Katyal. Who's this? Ever since I came across this Virginia Tech news, Rupin's name's been doing the rounds in my thoughts.

I wondered how many in India still remembers this name. I took a poll last week and this is the result so far. I'd like all of you to take part in this poll. Please don't do a Web / Google search to find the answer. Attempt the poll honestly and lemme know how many of U know this name. After a certain time, I'll post his identity here. Keep a watch.
Update : Answer
Rupin Katyal. He was the victim of a tragedy much grave than the VT. It shook the pride of a nation and forced it to bend its knees in front of terrorism. He was the only person who was killed on board the hijacked IA flight - IC814.

IC814 was hijacked on the eve of Christmas on Friday, December 24, 1999, shortly after the aircraft entered Indian airspace at about 5:30 p.m IST. After landing at Amritsar, the hijackers asked for the plane to be refueled. Indian Government did not agree. In retaliation, the hijackers stabbed Rupin Katyal to death. He was just 25 years old then and was newly wed. His bride Rachna was also on board with him, who had to go through another worse experience, as per rumors on some media.

After refueling, the plane took of for Dubai, where some 25 passengers were released along with the body of Rupin Katyal.
A little update for last post. I just found out that I'd actually saved the profile page of Minal Panchal on my local HDD. Check her profile's snapshot below -

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